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About AALA

The Asian Australian Lawyers Association (AALA) is the first incorporated association in Australia to focus on the growing number of Asian Australian lawyers in the profession, as well as other lawyers with an interest in Asia. Our members hail from more than 10 countries in Asia and, between them speak almost 20 different Asian languages and dialects.  We have members from all walks of legal life, including students, lawyers and principals from small, medium and large firms, barristers, in-house and government lawyers.

The Hon Diana Bryant AO QC is the National Patron of the AALA. The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, is the Emeritus Patron of the AALA. 

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The objectives of the AALA include:

1. To bring together members of the legal profession of Asian heritage and cultural background and others with an interest in Asia;

2. To provide a cohesive professional network to advocate for, and provide support to, our members and to benefit from shared learning and experience

3. To improve the capability and reputation of the members in the legal profession through raising public awareness and providing education;

4. To develop links with Asian legal associations and facilitate and promote access for members to Asian legal markets;

5. To promote and facilitate Asian cultural diversity in the senior ranks of the legal profession;

6. To promote a mutual understanding of Australian and Asian legal systems; and

7. Such other purposes as the association, by general meeting, may determine, as an independent, politically unaffiliated and religiously tolerant organisation.

For more information about the AALA, you can contact us at info@aala.org.au

A copy of the AALA's constitution can be found here

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